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  • 1115.7 fireplace stone mantel


Our hand-crafted fireplace mantels offers a variety of designs that range from contemporary to classic. Each piece is expertly constructed from lightweight, thin cast stone to create elegant and decorative stone mantels. Renovations, restorations, installation and custom design for residential, retail and corporate projects are our specialities.

Paul Schwartz - design representative

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Color & Finish Options

Omega Stone Cast Mantels are manufactured by skilled artisans using premium quality raw materials. Any irregularities and variations in shading or texture are characteristics of our mantels, enhancing their natural beauty. They are in no way to be confused as defects or cause for complaint.

Filler Panels Options

  • Adjustable Filler Panels Adjustable Filler Panels
  • One Piece Seamless Inset Panel One Piece Seamless Facing
  • Picture Frame Facing Picture Frame Facing
  • Arched Facing Arched Facing

Filler Edge Choices

  • Bevelled Filler Bevelled Filler
  • Half Round Filler Half Round Filler
  • OG Filler OG Filler
  • Arched Filler Arched Filler

Hearth Options

  • Hearth Pads Hearth Pads

    The height of a hearth pads ranges from 1" to 2".

  • Raised Hearths Raised Hearths

    The height of a raised hearth ranges from 2" to 18".

Hearth Edge Choices

  • Bevelled Hearth Bevelled Hearth
  • Square Hearth Square Hearth
  • Half Round Hearth Half Round Hearth
  • OG Hearth OG Hearth