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Omega Fireplace Mantels Design Consultation for Boston Homes

Stylish, luxurious, designer fireplace mantels made from premium quality cast stone only by Omega. For more than 30 years of being in the cast stone decor industry, Omega Mantels and Mouldings Inc. creates quality, designer fireplace stone mantels and surrounds that elevates every family room, library, or your outdoor space to a comforting and aesthetically pleasing space.

Crafted by our experiences artisans practicing a hundred year old technique we've adapted from ancient European cast stone decor making, our fireplace mantels is a vision of elegance and class that easily stands out in every home. No doubt, it is the perfect centerpiece!

Feel free to request for a consultation from our Boston mantels expert below or by calling our hotline 1-885-712-0123.

Omega Mantels: How do we create our designer mantels?

From inspiration to installation, Omega Mantels takes pride in hand crafting elegant fireplace mantels made to fit any home. Our design experts will be guiding you in every step of the process starting with drafting your CAD drawing. Equipped with cutting edge tools, skills and an eye for precision, our craftsmen will be molding your approved cast stone hood design-turning your vision into reality.

We have a diverse collection of custom made designs, from modern and edgy to classy and regal, which you are free to choose from. Our mantels from the Seamless Series features smooth, flawless cast stone fireplace that is truly a vision of perfection in subtle simplicity. The Archway Series features cast stone mantels with our signature arch. For timeless beauty, our Classic Fireplace Mantel Series includes designs from traditional to modern that fits in with any home decor. Omega cares. Throughout the years, we have listened and observed our clients and their most preferred features for a mantel. And this is what inspired the Grandstock Series - a compilation of designs inspired by you.
Mix, match and experiment! We have interchangeable legs and shelves to help you create a more customized look for your home.

We are limited only by your imagination. From simple linear designs to intricate and complex detailing, Omega Mantels can deliver the fireplace mantels and surrounds that best complements your space.

Liam Haniffy Liam Haniffy

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Liam Haniffy Design Representative

Let our Boston project manager assist you with your inquiry by requesting for a free design consultation today! With years of experience in the cast stone mantels industry, you can count on our skilled experts on their sound advice on selecting the right cast stone mantel from OMEGA's extensive product line to match your lifestyle.

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Why is Omega the Choice in Boston?

Omega, for more than 3 decades of being in the cast stone decor industry, has been consistently recognized for providing quality customer service all over North America. Our relentless passion in delivering client satisfaction has always been the soul of our company's mission and vision.

Our Boston design expert makes sure to cater to all types of inquiries and requests at no extra charge, no obligations. Whether you are a homeowner looking for a quick design consultation or an architect searching for a design partner, Omega Mantels experts are always available at your most convenient schedule.

We are with you every step of the way - from designing your cast stone mantel until it is delivered right on your doorstep.