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Omega Fireplace Mantels Design Expert in Cleveland

Timeless elegance with a modern twist with Omega Mantels. For 3 decades, Omega Mantels has been one of the most recognized names in the industry of cast stone decorative products. Made using premium quality cast stone and a hundred year old technique perfected by ancient European decor experts, our designer fireplace mantels and surrounds in Cleveland are crafted with passion for every modern home.

The fireplace is one of the most intimate areas of a home. It is a place of gathering for the family and also a place for relaxation and unwinding, which makes an Omega mantel truly the ideal centerpiece. Whether you are looking for a simple fireplace or a mantel that displays craftsmanship and intricate detailing, a quick consultation with our Cleveland design expert will help you in finding the mantel that fits your home.

Talk to us today at no extra cost by calling our hotline or by filling out the form below. Effortless home beautification... only with Omega.

Omega Fireplace Mantels: Perfect Mantels Made by You

If you have a vision of your dream fireplace, how do you imagine it to look like? With Omega, we want our clients to dream. Omega cares..we listen...and we will assist you in building the fireplace you have always wanted.

We have a diverse collection of classic favourite, from simple designs to traditional fireplaces with intricate detailing, which you can freely browse through. Our Seamless Series features beautifully crafted mantels characterized by its smooth, flawless design that truly speaks perfection in every angle. Designs from the Archway Series are defined by their signature arch and subtle simplicity, which makes them stand out. Luxurious and regal, the designs from the Classic Series feature fireplace mantels that are inspired by both modern and traditional cast stone décor.

And, our personal favorite, Omega's pride collection, the Grandstock Series features design ideas created by our inspiration... YOU. We've gathered design ideas from our previous clients and created the bestselling fireplace mantels in our collection. For a more customized look, ask our Cleveland expert about our interchangeable parts (legs and shelves). Mix, match and experiment until you find the right blend that fits your home.

Truly, designing your own mantel has never been this effortless!

Gian-Marco Marguglio Gian-Marco Marguglio

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With years of experience in the cast stone industry, you can expect expert advice from our Cleveland range hood specialist. Make sure call us up directly at 1-855-712-0123 for a FREE consultation or fill out the form. You can also ask for a FREE brochure HERE

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Why is Omega Popular in Cleveland?

For over 30 years, Omega Mantels and Mouldings Inc. has provided assistance for numerous homeowners, architects and interior designers all over North America. Our dedication and passion in providing utmost customer service has always been the heart and soul of Omega's mission and vision. Our design experts are very hands on to serving our clients. We cater to all requests coming from any location in the United States and Canada and provide personal consultation services at your most convenient schedule.

From creating your CAD to molding your designed fireplace and even up to the point of installation, our Cleveland expert will be with you in every step of the way! Homeowners enjoy working with our specialists because of our effortless transactions - we ensure that your mantel is delivered right at your front door and on time. No special skills required in installing our mantels thanks to our easy-to-install feature, which is very much loved by architects and interior designers. Indeed, design partnership has never been this easy with Omega.

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