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Fireplace Mantels for San Francisco Homes and Commercial Establishments

Find a fireplace mantel design inspiration and we'll create it for you! Omega Mantels and Mouldings Inc. is one of the most recognized names in the industry of cast stone decors in North America. Our impeccable fireplace stone mantels are highly popular in both United States and Canada due to its natural beauty and aesthetics, flawlessness, and regal feel that truly enhances any home or commercial establishment.

For over 3 decades, we have been providing San Francisco architects, interior designers, and homeowners the value worthy option to decorative fireplace stone mantels with limitless design possibilities. An effortless consultation with our experts will get you started on your dream mantel today. Envision it, we will build it. Only with Omega.

Stone Fireplace Mantels Customized for Your Home

Omega Mantels takes pride in our premier quality made cast stone fireplace mantels, hand crafted by skilled artisans to perfection. For 30 years, we have used the same technique by ancient Europeans in molding cast stone decoration products like our mantels.

Cast stone is the best cost effective alternative to natural stone, which makes it highly popular amongst homeowners. Not to mention how easy it is to mold and customized, the design options are indeed only limited by your imagination! Imagine your dream fireplace and how you want it to look and we will make sure you get it.

Send us a custom design or browse through our wide range collection of fireplace stone mantel designs. Marvel in our elegant Seamless Series Mantels for flawless, customized designer mantels that are truly a vision of art and beauty. Our signature Archway Series is characterized by its subtle simplicity and a seamless arch only done perfectly by Omega. The Classic Fireplace Mantel Series displays designs that are regal and intricately detailed.

Omega's very own pride designer mantels, the Grandstock Series features luxurious looking mantels at a fraction of the cost of a Seamless Series mantel. It is our best priced mantel and is definitely a bestseller in United States and Canada. Shelves and legs are highly interchangeable for a more customized look. Mix, match and experiment with our over 20 design combinations!

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With years of experience in the cast stone industry, you can expect expert advice from our cast stone fireplace mantel design specialist. Make sure call us up directly at 1-855-712-0123 for a FREE consultation or fill out the form.

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Why are We the Choice of San Francisco for Stone Mantels?

Dedication in what we do and our lengthy experience in the cast stone industry business makes us one of the most trusted brands not just in San Francisco but in the whole North America. Our core values are focused on delivering utmost customer satisfaction. From creating your CAD to installing your fireplace mantel, our talented experts will be there with you in every step of the way.

This is why architects and homeowners find it a pleasure working with Omega Mantels thanks to our hustle free service. Our fireplace mantels are easy to install, no need for specialized tools. We also deliver directly to one's location, no need for meet ups and pickup points.

Request for a consultation today with our fireplace mantel design experts in San Francisco at ZERO cost! Share us your dream fireplace mantel design and we'll make it.