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Vacouver Fireplace Cast Stone Mantels Design Specialist

Build your dream stone fireplace mantel today! What humbly began as a Canadian cast stone décor specialist, Omega Mantels and Mouldings Inc. became one of the premier home beautification experts in Canada and United States. For 30 years, we have provided design consultation for homeowners, architects, and interior decorators in creating fireplace mantels that are truly a work of art.

Our Vancouver stone fireplace mantels and surrounds design experts, with lengthy experience in the cast stone industry, can help turn your vision into reality. If you can have any fireplace, how would it look like? Do you want something traditional or are you looking for a contemporary mantel that would complement your modern home? Let us know by scheduling an effortless consultation with us and we will build it for you. Nothing is impossible with Omega Mantels and Mouldings.

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How Can Omega Mantels Help You?

From inspiration to installation, Omega Mantels has unfailingly provided our clients with hands on support in building the fireplace of their dreams. Whether you're marvelled by intricately designed mantels or fireplaces characterized by subtle simplicity, our skilled artisans can build them for you. Send us your inspiration or browse through our large selection of fireplace mantel designs: Seamless Series, Classic Series, Grandstock Series, and the Archway Series.

The process starts by creating your CAD drawing by our Vancouver design expert. This will be reviewed and approved by you before it's sent to our craftsmen. Using the same hundred year old technique by ancient European artisans, we accurately handcraft your fireplace mantels to perfection. Once done, we will deliver your mantel directly to your location - no need for pickup points.

With our dedication and passion in what we do, Omega guarantees an effortless, hassle-free transaction each and every time. We love what we do and we want you to feel that through our dedicated service.

Rose Marcello Rose Marcello

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Rose Marcello Design Representative

With years of experience in the cast stone industry and home décor, let our Vancouver project manager guide in you in your decision for the right fireplace mantel.

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Why are We the Choice in Vancouver?

The answer is simple: this is where we began; this is our grass roots. Omega Mantels started as a purely Canadian cast stone décor manufacturing company, which has expanded and grown throughout North America. We understand your need for an elegant mantel that is both functional and artistically exciting. We know Vancouver by heart and we consistently delivered client satisfaction for decades. We've provided Canadian homeowners and businesses premier quality designer fireplace mantels that would seamlessly complement their space.

Homeowners enjoy working with Omega as we deliver directly to their location. Aside from our diverse design collection, architects and interior designers find it a pleasure working with our mantels thanks to its easy-to-install feature. Specialized skills or tools are not required, which makes us the best choice for a design project partner.

With Omega Mantels, building your dream is effortless. Talk to our specialists today through our hotline for FREE.